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    VMWare Workstation 15 after suspending a virtual machine, hard drive activity continues, and crashes host if I try to launch another VM.

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      I am running Workstation Player 15, on windows 10 pro.


      My VM's are set to use 3GB of RAM, 3GB of graphics RAM, 2 CPU cores, and 60GB of HDD.

      My host machine has 8GB of RAM, 8GB of graphics RAM, 4 CPU cores, and 1TB of HDD.


      I only ever open one virtual machine at a time, never multiple VM's open at once.

      I have a total of 10 virtual machines set up.


      When I suspend a virtual machine, here's what happens.


      TL;DR: It takes only about 5 seconds to suspend and VMWare window is fully closed, then "System" sits in task manager using huge hard drive activity for about 5 whole minutes, during which time I cannot restart the VM that I just suspended (various hangs if I try), and if I attempt to start any other VM it literally freezes my host and I have to hard restart the host by holding down power button. However, if I wait 5 minutes for hard drive activity to finally end, then I can restart the VM and it resumes from sleep very quickly, in under 20 seconds.


      UPDATE: I added the line mainMem.useNamedFile = "FALSE" to my config.ini file, as some others had suggested on other topics, and now "System" doesn't sit there for 5 minutes using HDD, and I can resume the VM immediately after I suspend it. However, the new problem is, it now takes 2 whole minutes to suspend / resume, because now it spends a lot longer "Saving Virtual Machine State" and "Restoring Virtual Machine State". Is this normal? Previously it was VERY fast to suspend and resume, except I had to wait 5 minutes for "System" to quit hogging 100% hard drive after every suspend. Now I don't have to wait for HDD to stop, but now I have to wait 2 minutes on the "Saving Virtual Machine State" and "Restoring Virtual Machine State" screens. Is there any way I can make this faster, or is this normal? This is with no applications running on the VM, just the windows desktop. I can't understand how adding this line to my config.ini file would cause it to take much longer to suspend the machine?


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