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    operating system not found

    darkKnight05 Lurker

      i m using the older version of vmware which is vmware 12 i m tried every solutin but still getting message that operating system not found i will try to download the iso file trice but the problem was same

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          Sounds like you’re using VMware Workstation? Is it the Player or Pro version?

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            Thanks for posting in VMware communities.


            What is the OS which you are trying to install ?

            If this is an already installed OS and if you are unable to boot, check if the VM was created with BIOS or UEFI.


            For example:

            The VM was installed with UEFI.

            The boot setting is changed to BIOS, the bootloader of the OS will still be configured for UEFI

            The OS will not boot, you will get message "operating system not found".




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