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    VMware Workstation 15.5 / 15.5.1 drops library entries on exit (Windows Server 2012 host)

    CM1000 Lurker

      Recently upgraded to VM Workstation Pro 15.5 and now 15.5.1 build-15018445. Host is Windows Server 2012.


      An annoying new problem is that, on exit, all the VM's and folders contained in the "Library" panel are removed.


      On the next occasion it is necessary to use either File / Open or File / Scan for Virtual Machines... to reopen everything.


      Also when File / New Window is used the VM's on the existing window do not appear on the new window.


      Very frustrating.


      Have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling.


      Haven't a clue what would cause this or how to resolve it.


      Any suggestions ?? Thanks.