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    Installing from mapped drive very slow

    baileymw Lurker

      I am running a Windows Server 2016 VM in Workstation 15.5.  I have mapped a drive using Shared Folders in the VM Settings.  If I install or update applications installed in the VM from software media on the mapped drive, the install process is extremely slow.  If I copy the software media to the VM C: drive, the same install process is at least 4 times faster.


      I've seen posts regarding virus software causing similar issues but I can't figure out how to validate or invalidate that in this case.  I don't have access rights to disable the virus software (Trend Micro) on the host machine.  I have disabled it in the VM however.


      Is there a method to figure out if Trend Micro is causing this?  Are there any other likely culprits to look for?