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    "Upgrade to 4.7.1-10752772 already in progress" -> Cannot Upgrade after Upgrade Failure.

    MoritzKiesewetter Lurker

      Hello Community,


      i'm pretty new to the vRealize Log Insight. But one of my first tasks is to upgrade our instances. So i informed myself about upgrade paths and so on , everything is fine regarding that.

      I started my Upgrade via -> Administration -> Cluster -> Upgrade Cluster -> VMware-vRealize-Log-Insight-4.7.1-10752772.pak -> Accept terms.


      But as soon as i did that, an error occured simply stating " An upgrade Error occured " i tried to redo it, but now i always get the error :

      "Upgrade to 4.7.1-10752772 already in progress"

      I attached a screenshot of the message. So i really don't know what i can do about it, since there is no Status about an upgrade being implemented.


      Anyone got any suggestions for me?

      Thanks in advance!