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    vRA 8 - ABX - on-prem FaaS fails to find uploaded dependencies

    stevedrummond Hot Shot

      Using on-prem vRA 8 and the on-prem FaaS provider for ABX fails trying to resolve node_modules dependencies that have been uploaded via zip. This works fine if you set the FaaS provider to AWS. Anyone have any workarounds or know if there is already an open issue for it? It's a critical issue as we cannot use AWS/Azure FaaS nor can we pull dependencies from npmjs.org (due to both proxy issues for ABX runtime and corporate policy).


      Unlike looking in AWS at the created lambda function, I don't know where to go looking on the appliance to even start to see what's going wrong (e.g., is node_modules completely missing or is the abx_wrapper.js broken for on-prem, etc.)


      Steps to reproduce:

      Extensibility -> Action -> Create

      Set language to nodejs and provider to on-prem

      Set script source to "Import Package"

      Upload zip (see attached, or create your own basic nodejs test)

      Set main function to "index.handler" (or your main if you make your own)

      Click Save and then click test

      You should receive an error that it cannot find module "diagnostics" (or whatever module you are trying to 'require')


      Appreciate any help!