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    workstation network disconnected

    extrashot Enthusiast

      I have a workstation 15 vm  Windows 10.

      Everything was working fine.Until  suddenly I notice

      that I don't have access to internet in vm. So I checked network properties and found this

      Annotation 2019-11-20 225120.jpg

      So let me know what should I do ?

      There was some kind of update pop up which when accepted tried to update that had failed giving a

      message trying to stop services (on host machine) some how I cancelled that after waiting for 2 hours

      and after that this has become a new problem.

      There is no option to enable it

      no option to enable network.jpg

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          a.p. Guru
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          It's not easy to help without knowing what message you got, and what exactly happened.

          Anyway, did you already check which of the "VMware ..." services on the host are in running, or other states?

          Have you already tried to restart the host machine?

          You may also want to take a look at the VM's configuration to ensure that the virtual network adapter is "Connected".