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    Issue loading vsepflt on some VM's

    muhhelp Lurker

      this problem occurs on VMs running VM Tools version:1024. Right now, I only have 8 servers that refuse to start vsepflt.sys, so the impact is low but... annoying and recurring. At all times, I have a handful of VMs that aren't protected by our antivirus solution.

      The fix seems to be uninstalling VMWare Tools entirely, rebooting, and then installing the latest version. If the VM is already running the latest version of VM Tools, a complete uninstall/reinstall typically kicks vShield back into gear.

      It doesn't always last, though. , running msinfo32.exe shows that it's stopped, and starting vsepflt.sys from the command line w/admin rights fails with 'load failed with error 0x800700002:


      Have any of you experienced any of this before? Your thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated! I