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    Windows 10 v1903 winsxs folder growing out of control

    vmmaj Novice

      Hi all:

      Having an issue i need to fix ASAP.

      I have updated my golden image to windows 10 1903. I recomposed out the the linked clones all went as it should. A day later there was a major growth spurt in the datastore where the OS disk lives. This surprise growth caused the datastore to fill and the desktops to freeze up. I should mention that this growth spurt all happened at once, it was very sudden and over a 1 hour period that it grew.   NOTE: My clones Windows update service is off.

      While trying to figure out what the heck happened i found that huge amounts of files changed\added in the winsxs folder causing about 8GB of perceived growth to each desktop. Doesn anyone know if this will be a one time thing from going into v.1903 or am i looking at this kind of problem going forward.


      I do all my WSUS updates on the golden image and have a Group Policy setting to disable the WSUS service on the clones.. Is there anything more i can do.