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    Totally new home user got some good stuff cheap need help make it useful.

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      I've got a AMD Firepro S9100 card running on my AMD micro atx motherboard.

      So far, I haven't been able to run it with my CPU built in GPU amd R7 with proper driver it will only run windows basic driver.

      My solution will be to run it in dual gpu mode with a Nvidia card with PCIE riser cables that has proven to run dual with R7 in same system; firepro should do the same.

      What I need to know is, how can i get it to run in a vm workstation guest to provide gpu and gpu memory resources.

      I have windows advanced server 2019 with the proper firepro driver from AMD.

      So far I have been able to use the GPU to run work units in BOINC but i want to run it in a virtual pc wether it be hyper v or vmware i'd prefer vmware.

      I think being a home user windows advanced server 2019 might be overkill but microsoft no longer supplies a home server and this is the stuff i have available.

      Want to run windows xp pro and windows 10.


      Full system specs:


      MSI FM2+ MicroATX

      CPU: AMD A10 7890K - GPU feature supplies 2gb shared video ram.

      32gb DDR3 1600

      AMD Firepro s9100 with 12gb ram

      hard disk 1tb sata3

      gigabit lan.


      Thanks for reading.

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          VMware Workstation does not offer PCIe passthrough to any of the guests.

          So what you want to do is not possible with Workstation.

          The only VMware product that has this capability is vSphere, but that's a whole different animal.




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