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    vSphere FT slows down primary copy

    GiacomoNasi_IMA Lurker

      Hello everyone, I want to make fault tolerant a vm with windows server. When I turn the FT on from the vCSA, the performances start get so bad that I cannot use the vm GUI anymore.

      I have 2 ESXi 6.7 hosts in the cluster, they are both nested on the same ESXi host. So the system is made of only one physical host and 2 virtual hosts.

      While the ft is active, the RAM and the CPU usage of the 2 hosts are not overcommitted (I can see it from the graphs directly from the web clients of the hosts), so I cannot understand where is the problem. Also the communication latency shouldn't be a problem since we are on the same physical host.


      Please give me some advices, until I'm stuck in this problem I cannot proceed in my university degree.


      Thank you for you replies.