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    Problems with snapshots on a new VM

    munrobasher Enthusiast

      Anyone else had trouble with snapshots on a new VM? I use snapshots extensively and they're normally rock solid. Can snapshot away, switch between them, delete them without batting an eyelid.


      But recently I've had two new VMs throw this error message when going back to the previous snapshot:



      It's happened in both cases very early on in a couple of test builds for Windows 10 v1909 and Windows 2016. I tend to create the VM, edit the hardware and then snapshot as "b4 boot". Then I boot and go through the process. I'm often documenting it so sometimes go "ahh, missed something there, will start again". And that's where this error occurred.


      I've tried to repeat it but can't...

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          a.p. Guru
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          Some thoughts:

          • Do all the snapshot's - to which you want to revert - associated *.vm* files exist in the VM's folder?
          • Did the VM (the snapshot) have e.g. an ISO image attached to it, which doesn't exist anymore, or has been moved?



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            gmichaud Lurker

            I have seen this an several VMs upgraded from v12. It's as if the upgrade removed the last snapshot disk files. Someone else in my group has also seen it.


            It also happened when I simply reverted a working v15.5 VM to a previous snapshot. Out of the blue it can't find the files.


            I'm vigilant in keeping my win10 filehistory up to date. I can't trust VMware any more.