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    Connect UPS to ESXi 6.7 standalone

    SommyJo Novice

      In a small company there is a server Dell with installed an ESXi 6.7 Free Version.

      It is a standalone server without connections to other servers and without other VMWare software.

      There are 4 VMs: an old Win Server 2003; a Win Server 2016; a Win 10 Pro PC and an Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS.

      A UPS must be connected to manage the controlled shutdown.

      The budget is limited and we are oriented towards APC Smart-UPS 1000/1500 VA.

      It must support the Dell server, a PC, a switch and a small NAS Qnap. Obviously only for the time necessary to switch off everything (about 10/15 minutes).

      For the management I wanted to propose NUT because Open Source, but I can't find one of its clients for ESXi 6.5, only for the previous versions.

      Can I trust installing it or is there any other open source software?
      Thanks in advance for any advices.