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    [Velocloud Edge] Link Failover

    yoplin Lurker

      Hey, guys.


      Is there a particular explanation to the fact that when you force a link switchover (or failover, from Internet Access#1 to Internet Access #2) on an Edge by disconnecting a cable, the VPN doesn't go down. But, if you force the very same failover via configuration (link shutdown), the VPN goes down for 1-2min? Can this be mitigated?




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          lhoffer Expert
          vExpertVMware Employees

          Disabling the interface via configuration will cause a restart of the edged service responsible for forwarding traffic, VPN, etc. as described in this VMware Knowledge Base  article, however, that by itself should only cause a momentary loss of traffic.  That said, depending on your routing topology and whether you're running dynamic routing protocols that need to re-converge after the restart as well (which still doesn't usually take near 1-2 minutes but often takes more than the standard sub-second blip that results from the service restart itself)