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    nimicyy Lurker


      is there any way to configure drs+ha+storage drs together on a number of esxi hosts?

      can some of esxi hosts to see only certain datastores and the other esxi other datastores?



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          KocPawel Hot Shot

          It depends on you which Datastores will you present/add to which ESXi.

          DRS, HA policies you can define on cluster level, so it is configurable for group of hosts.

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            nimicyy Lurker

            lert`s say i  configured drs+ha.then can i configure storage drs?storage drs is at datastore level?

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              ryanrpatel Enthusiast

              sDRS is at the Datastore level. You can keep VMs on separated. You can keep VMDKs of the same VM together. You can do I/O latency thresholds, which you can also setup on a SDRS schedule. This is metric-based that isn't running ALL of the time.

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                Amin Masoudifard Expert

                DRS is responsible for optimizing and balancing the usage of CPU / RAM resources in the cluster, But Storage DRS has this duty for datastores (VMFS / NFS) by consideration capacity and I/O metrics. DRS have affinity/anti-affinity rules for VM/Host but Storage DRS have rules for VM/VMDK files. They can work co-exist together, so there is no conflict about DRS & SDRS co-operation into the cluster. Actually, based on SDRS FAQ there is following important requirements of SDRS:


                • VMware vSphere enterprise plus license. Also, it's recommended VMware vSphere compute/hosts cluster.
                • Shared datastore volumes accessible by at least one ESXi host inside the cluster. VMware recommends to have full cluster connectivity, however, it is not enforced 
                • Datastore inside the Storage DRS cluster must be visible in only one data center.
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