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    Windows server 2016 react very slow and feel laggy

    Arnold_Mishaev Novice

      Hello everybody,


      I'm System integration and under my responsibility have many companies, I have multiple ESXI vCenter servers, in past six mounts we had upgrade near to 30 hosts and we also upgrade VMs from Server 2008 R2 to Server 2016 VMs.

      the thing is windows server 2016 VMs they react very slow and it's feels laggy, in the same host i have 2008 R2 vm installed and it's react very fast and working good......

      and it's not performance issue at all, cause i monitored the performance of host and also of all vm's, and i find there is more than 50% of resources available all the time.


      to me it's seems to be a specific issue with server 2016.


      Does anyone of you encounter with this issue?

      I would glad to get some help from you



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