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    Confirming Upgrade/Migration Apporach

    w0rmg0d Lurker

      Hi there, I am starting planning to upgrade to vCenter 6.7


      Current Environment:


      2x vCenter server 6.0 U3 (On Windows Server)

      2x External PSC Appliance 6.0 U3

      2x Update Manager servers


      End goal is to be latest vesrion of vSphere 6.7 all in one appliance, reading through the upgrade/migartion documentaiton it looks like I need to follow this order, can anyone whos had to upgrade confirm this is correct please?


      Upgrade External PSC Appliances to 6.7

      Migrate vCenter Servers(Windows) to 6.7 Appliances

      Migrate Update Manager to the 6.7 vCenter Appliances


      After upgrades are complete I can converge vCenter Server with external PSC to vCenter with Embedded PSC


      Thanks in Advance