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    Upgrade MS 2008r Server to 2019 on a VMWare Server

    Ullskog Lurker

      Hi Im new on this, never worked with VMWare so bare with me.


      Since the guy that can do this is to occupied with other things (they where 4 now hes alone) and I'm more Onsite-Technician I want to do my best to help him with things.


      Today we have 3 VMWare Servers and on them we have a lot of virtual servers (MS 2008 mostly).


      What I want to do is is copy one of the 2008r servers and then upgrade that one and see what will go wrong so we don't do it on a "live" server.

      I now that we first need to upgrade from 2008r to 2012 and then to 2019.


      Or is it easiest to install a fresh MS 2019 server and then migrate, for example I talking about a domain server?


      Best Regards


      Richard Ullskog