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    vRA 8 Licensing

    rs7386 Lurker


      Does anybody know what licensing is required for vRA 8?


      I have vRealize Suite Advanced 2018.


      I can change the version in the downloads section of myvmware to 2019 and download the nents, and a test deply seems to have accepted the key. I dont see anyplace to check if it is in evaluation mode or perpetual.


      Also curios if 8.0 works with 2018 but future updates/releases will require 2019.


      I have called vmware licensing support twice and neither person actually answered the question.



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          KocPawel Hot Shot


          If you have vRealize Suite Advanced 2018 with active support (active on date when vRA 8 was released) you can upgrade this license from my.vmware.com portal to vRealize Suite Advanced 2019 and you should be able to use vRA 8.


          Always you can download patches and versions till date when your support is ending.

          So if your support is ending for example 20 April 2020, you should be able to download and use all versions/patches released before that date.