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    Anyone go from VCAP 5.5 to 6.5?

    snyderkv1 Lurker

      Greetings, I could not find a better forum to ask but I'm sure someone will correct me.


      I have my 5.5 VCAP-DCA after one month of studying via Pluralsight. I'm looking to upgrade to 6.5 without too much effort but don't know if the format has changed.


      Can someone whose done both point out the differences so I can better prepare without wasting too much time?


      1) I'm assuming the vsphere-client (thick client) is no longer used. Do they expect you to use both the web client or HTML5?

      2) What did they remove i.e. autodeploy, vsphere replication etc

      3) What did they add i.e VSAN.

      4) Assuming the troubleshooting is still wrapped up within the tasks?