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    Upgrading 6.5 Linked vCenters

    MarkUnisys Lurker



      We have 2 vCenters version 6.5 that are in linked mode. The vCenters are in 2 different physical locations. There is 1 external PSC at 1 location that both vCenters are registered with.


      We are trying to get clarity on what would be the ideal end solution if upgrading to 6.7? We were thinking first deploying an additional 6.5 external PSC to the physical site without a PSC. Same SSO domain as existing PSC, but a different SSO Site name. Then, first upgrade the 2 PSCs to 6.7. Then upgrade the 2 vCenters to 6.7. Re-configure the vCenter at the physical site with the newly deployed PSC to point at the newly deployed PSC at that same physical site. Converge each external PSC into an embedded PSC with each of their associated vCenters.


      However, it seems when looking at vSphere 6.7 supported and deprecated typologies that the final topology described above would not be supported in 6.7?


      Any suggestions on the best, supported way to approach this would be appreciated.


      Thank you,