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    registration failure vREP 6.5.1 with vCSA 6.5u3

    jaffanz Novice

      Kia ora all, have run into this challenge to what was previously a 'never failed' easy task; registering vSphere Replication.

      Anybody seen this before or can direct me in any way will be much appreciated.



      To register vSphere Replication (vREP) 6.5.1 with a vCenter 6.5u3 appliance (vCSA).

      The vREP & vCSA are running as VMs on a management vCenter.



      Registration fails. Error screen shot included below, top of RED text contains;

      vCenter Server connection failed: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException


      Configuration information

      Deploy vSphere Replication to the Target Management vCenter which is:

      A management vCenter & cluster that hosts the to-be-paired production vCenter and replication appliance.

                      [vCSA-Mgmt] a vCenter for windows version 6.0. on LAN-Z.

           ESXi management cluster on LAN-Z.


      vSphere Replication information:

      [vRep-Prod] a vShere Replication appliance 6.5.1 -14002386 on LAN-A.


      Production vCenter server to register vREP with:

      [vCSA-Prod] a vCenter 6.5u3 appliance on LAN-A.

      - Was upgraded in-place from vCenter 6.0u2. (3634788). the appliance is only a couple of weeks old with 1x cluster.

      ESXi production cluster on LAN-B.


      vSphere replication appliance is deployed to the management vCenter server. This also hosts the production vCenter for vREP to work with.


      Note the Deploy OVF picks up the management vCenter server in the "Service Bindings" section. This is the server provided during installation as the installation target but is not the server replication will be registered with.

      vSphere Replication will NOT be registered with the management vCenter server [vCenter-Mgmt].

      vSphere Replication is to be registered with the vCenter server [vCSA-Prod].


      The Appliance powers on fine. Can connect to it on port 5480 and go to configuration section.


      Initially the incorrect management vcenter details for [vCSA-Mgmt] are loaded on the configuration screen, then they are changed and the correct production vcenter details are provided, including credentials.


      Choose Save and Restart Service.


      Get the red error page above.


      Has anybody found this problem before?