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    IBM system x3850 x5 firmware issue to support 6.0u3 as per VMware HCL

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      We have IBM System x3850 X5 7143-B2G rack mount servers that we are planning to upgrade to ESXi 6.0u3. The hardware is withdrawn and the firmware listed under the VMware compatibility matrix guide for the I/O devices are not available on the IBM fix central url for the server model.


      IBM Fix Central url



      Below are the running devices with drivers and firmware version on the ESXi 6.0u3 and url to the VMware compatability matrix guide

      Device: Intel Corporation 82580 Gigabit Network
      Driver: igbn
      Version: 1.4.1
      F/w: 3.19.0

      Compatible up to 6.7 U3. The driver is up to date,


      Device: Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5709 1000Base-T Network
      Driver: bnx2
      Version: 2.2.6b.v60.2
      F/w: 7.4.0

      Compatible up to 6.7 U3. The driver is up to date. But firmware has to be upgraded to 7.10.


      Device: QLogic Corp ISP2532-based 8Gb Fibre Channel to PCI Express HBA
      Driver: qlnativefc
      F/w: 5.03.06

      Compatible up to 6.7 U3. But the Firmware is not matching. It should be 8.08.xx. Also the driver is not up todate. The laest driver is


      Question: Since the product is withdrawn and the firmware cant be upgraded as per VMware HCL, can it be safe to run the ESXi upgraded and running to 6.0u3 or what should we do?