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    Esxi 6.5.0 stopped booting

    jah8887 Lurker

      I have a small Esxi install at home with 6.5.0 release build 8294253 installed.  Booting it up has never been a problem until now when it stops when it says "vmkapi_v2_1_0_0_vmkernel_shim loaded successfully."  I have tried the following below


      I have tried updating to 6.5.0 u1 and u2 with no luck

      I haven't made any hardware changes - it has worked for months

      I tried updating the firmware on the motherboard with no luck


      Last thing I haven't tried is a full reinstall of VMware Esxi but I was trying to preserve my 3 VMs I have built on it. 


      Any help is appreciated