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    Backup WSFC with Shared Disk on vSAN

    VeeJee Lurker

      WSFC with Shared Disk on vSAN, https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/74786. One of the unsupported features are snapshots. Applies this to the whole vm or only the shared disks? I am wondering how to backup a WSFC with shared disk on vSAN. If snapshots are not allowed for the whole vm. Is it possible to use e.g. Veeam agent for Windows to backup the WSFC as it was a physical cluster with shared disks?


      If snapshots are only not allowed to the shared disks is it then possible to "snapshot"backup the vm except the shared disks? And is it possible/allowed to backup the shared disks with e.q. Veeam agent for WIndows?