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    vCenter - clone from ESX to ESX -> not use the Management Network Card

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      First, Hello to all! My first post....


      Ok, my scenario as follow.


      We have a vm backup script which triggers shutdown of a VM and as the vm is down a full clone from the ESX where it was running to another in the cluster.

      From there to some NFS store in our infrastructure. All ESX and NFS stores are connected through 10 GB fibre and the management network is 1 GB copper. Actually used to manage in case of vCenter issues.  Version is for all 6.7 U3.


      We do start with the ESX to ESX clone and this really takes ages compared to the NFS store cloned.


      Local to Local clone takes about an hour.

      Local to NFS around 15 minutes.


      VMs have thin provisioned disk with a size between 100 and 300 GB.


      I stumbled over an article here where it was mentioned that cloning always takes the Management Network. I tried a few clones and could see that the management nic was used to transfer the data between the ESX.


      Is this really something which i can not change? Would there be a way to "move" cloning to another vmkernel / nic. We do run 10Gb nics to the NFS stores and switches in between so a cloning action would be better through these interfaces i think.


      Any tips and ideas are much appreciated!


      PLAN B would be to rewrite the script and start with the NFS clones and later the esx to esx actions.


      thank you very much!