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    Not able to deploy OVA via OVF Tool. I think network mapping is wrong.

    Psirus Lurker

      I am trying to deploy OVA via OVF tool.


      The OVA has two network mappings, Out of Band Management and Public.


      I entered the following for the deployment.

      ovftool --acceptAllEulas --name=test -dm=thin -ds="datastore1" --net: "Out of Band Management"="VM Network" --net: "Public"="VM Network" "C:\Users\ki\Downloads\Daily Downloads\xxx.ova" vi://root@135.27.x.x


      Then the following error is thrown.

      Error: Unexpected option: Public=VM Network

      Completed with errors



      I think I followed the rule for multiple network mapping in the OVF Tool User's Guide.

      Sets a network assignment in the deployed OVF package. For example, --net:=. OVF packages contain symbolic names for network names which are assigned with this option. For multiple network mappings, repeat the option, separating them with a space for example, --net:s1=t1 --net:s2=t2 --net:s3=t3.


      What might cause the error?


      Please advise.