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    DHCP - ip configuration could not be reserved (no available address timeout etc.)

    hubbardmeister Lurker

      Using ESXi6.7 -


      I have two guests    A and B  -  Guest A is a transparent bridge, it passes traffic, it also has a management port that i can assign using DHCP (or not)


      1/ If i assign a port group to each and use DHCP to an external  upstream DHCP server. All works great for both guests.


      2/ Assign static IP's , all day long - not a problem.


      3/ If i try and have guest  B obtain a DHCP address via Guest A  with the internalonly port group it will;


         a/ Work 100% of time as long as Guest A  does not have an associated DHCP address it's obtained.

         b/ Will not work and get timeout when Guest A has it's ip address via DHCP


      My question is:


      Is there a restriction on the number of DHCP IP's a Guest can obtain and where is that  limiter?