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    Migrate a windows vcenter 6.0 server to vcsa 6.0

    papahendo31 Lurker

      Ok so in all my planning I never discovered that you cannot use the migration assistant to migrate a winddows vcenter 6.0 server to vcsa 6.0.  It needs to be an upgrade form vcenter 5.5. 


      Has anybody found themselves in this situation?  We cannot go to 6.5 and need to get onto an appliance asap.  Please lets not focus on the circumstances that got me here but a possible solution.

      I am thinking Install a new vcsa and I can move my hosts to the new appliance.  Its a pretty simple configuration but the vcenter database is on an external SQL server and I was hoping to reuse the DB to avoid completely redoing everything. 


      Thoughts or advice?  Thanks to all