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    application missing in desktop pool?

    niceguy001 Enthusiast

      i'm currently using Horizon 7.10 to create windows 10 instant-clone desktop pool,

      however, after the desktop pool is created i couldn't find any trace of the specific version of google Chrome that i had already installed in the template VM.


      if i choose to install the latest version of Chrome(version 78) in the parent windows VM then there's no problem at all. The Chrome will exist normally.


      I need to utilize earlier version of Chrome(for example, version 76) for the desktop pool but after the provision of the pool is completed, only the Chrome disappeared.

      i had tried to re-install Chrome but it seemed that it will be removed or be discarded by the snapshot during the process of desktop pool provisioning.


      does anyone know why (the old version of )Chrome disappear from the windows 10 desktop pool?

      so weird.