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    vMotion issue

    hoiyi88 Novice

      Hi ,


      Very strange case, there have 3 server hosts with same hardware config and ESXi version.

      But the network configuration is different, total 6 vswitches ,  3 vswtiches have enable emotion function.....I have try to vmkping to vmotion network both are able to connect. All vSwitch MTU as same as 1500


      1. vMotion offline VM is success.

      2. vMotion online migrate VMs some are success but some VMs are failed.


      Migration to host <<unknown>> failed with error Already disconnected (195887150).

      An unknown error has occurred.
      An unknown error has occurred.
      vMotion migration [-1062706151:1328732864388217] socket connected returned: Already disconnected


      Any advise to troubleshoot and vMotion should config on a vSwitch for simple configuration?