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    Sticking ENTER key

    Toolbox123 Novice

      Hi All,


      Running Horizon 7.9 and various client levels.


      This started only with one application but seems to be slowly creeping into other applications.  A user connects to the application and once in, it seems the enter key is stuck.  They mouse over a menu feature and it is instantly selected.  If they press the enter key, it seems to unstick it.  We are also seeing a reverse num lock.  When your num lock is on, it is actually off and vice versa.  This doesn’t happen through HTTP only through the client.  As for changes, all upgrades where done about 4 weeks before the issue started and windows updates were done about 4 weeks after the issue (previous windows updates where months before the issue).


      Initially this was localized to one product (FDM software), now we can seen it in windows explorer, all through the horizon client.


      Anyone experienced this kind of weird keyboard issues?