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    Can't access VM's after reinstall Fusion 8.5.10 Pro

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      I took the hard drive from my early 2009 iMac running High Sierra and added it as an external disc to my newer late 2013 iMac running Catalina.


      I installed Fusion 8.5 and updates.


      I can see all the files and VM's in Finder but I cannot import any VM'S. When I click on the VM to open it I get an error "Could not open /dev/vmmon: no such file or directory" followed by "Failed to initialise monitor device".


      The OS and Fusion are new clean installs.


      Any help (urgently) appreciated.

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            VMware Fusion 8.5.10 is end of life and not supported on macOS Catalina.

            It has a number of unpatched security issues and known and unknown problems with macOS Catalina.

            It can work, but is not guaranteed to be stable, so it would be recommended to make regular backups of your VMs (NOT with Time Machine)

            So my recommendation is to upgrade to VMware Fusion 11.5.1 for which a 30 day trial can be downloaded from:



            If OTOH you insist on trying to get 8.5.10 to work then that is possible.

            You would start by allowing VMware on the security & privacy general pane (to fix the "Could not open /dev/vmmon" problem)


            There's a number of steps you would have to do after that including installing another version in order to get passed all the security questions.

            More details at my post here (but read the rest of the thread for context):

            Re: Fusion 10.1.6 and MacOS CATALINA?



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