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    Sums of metrics of VMs

    shallriseagain Novice



      I can't figure out if it's possible to create the kind of dashboard I want:

      I have virtual machines that have been assigned a tag "Sys1" in my vCenter.

      How to create a dashboard that summarizes the metrics of certain virtual machines?


      CPU Count (Cores) of all VMs "Sys1"

      Memory Granted of all VMs "Sys1"

      Disk Provisioned of all VMs  "Sys1"



      I created a custom group called "sys1" with defined membership criteria "Virtual Machine" - Properties - Summary | vSphere Tag - Contains - Sys1"

      But then, wherever I try to apply this group, I can only look at the resources of each machine individually.


      Please, help me


      Thank you!