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    restore vcenter 6.7 u3 consideration

    hamidja Novice

      hi dears

      i had VCHA on 3 host.after no reply on pinging VC i used "VCHA-DESTROY -f" command to destroy VCHA and VC could be pinged.but again no VC web UI and when i want to open VAMI said restore completed and you need to validate SSO .every time i test administrator@vsphere.local and it`s password vami said an unknown problem. after that i decide to restore my VAMI backup.now my question is what happen after restoring VCSA .does it affect hardware locks added after backup restore point?does it affect VM that moved or Vmotioned to other Host?does it affect VSS portgroup created or changed after backup?does it affect Up-link on VSS?i have no VDS?

      every bit of information is appreciated