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    Blank screen on persistent VDI, until suspend/resume

    ehorsting Novice

      I have a Windows 10 1903 Master image, on Horizon 7.7 with ESXi 6.7.


      The master image has the matching VMware tools, matching HW level and matching Horizon View Agent.

      When I clone the master to a new (persistent VM) and the user logs in it only shows black screen with the cursor (BLAST). The OS is started up and user is logged in because the cursor changes to for example a hand icon.


      Reinstalling tools and agent, in both order does not make a difference. Only thing that seems to trigger is a suspend of the VM and then resume again. Somehow that triggers something to make it work. It also keeps working.


      Could this be related to the 1903 build? We also have the 1903 build on the linked-clones pool without any problems.