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    4 Instant Clone clusters/pools, 1 login?

    LumberZack Novice

      We are looking for a way to implement 2000 instant clone desktops across 4 vSAN clusters.


      Each vSAN cluster of 8 hosts has a single pool of 500 desktops.


      All clusters are in the same physical datacenter.


      We need the ability to spread the logins across the clusters and allow users to reconnect to a desktop if disconnected.


      We are running the latest version of each VMware product involved.


      We are attempting to prevent a complete outage where an issue would take out the entire cluster were we to have all 32 hosts in the same cluster.


      Historically we had a 24 node vSAN 5.5 cluster that crashed due to an SSD log file issue. This cost us 3 days of user access.  We avoided a repeat of the problem by breaking down the 24 nodes into 3x 8 nodes. Which reduced the risk to 33% of users.


      We currently use an old version of Unidesk that creates the desktops across the 3 clusters and adds them to a single manual pool.


      We want imitate the single pool type connection across the 4 new clusters using Instant Clones.


      Hoping for some guidance.



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          LumberZack Novice

          Found a solution.


          The documentation is vague, but, you can create a Cloud Pod Federation of 1 "Pod Cluster."


          The Pod contains a single vCenter Datacenter with 4 vSAN Clusters of 8 hosts each.


          Horizon View has 4 Instant Clone Pools, built from the same image, each assigned to a cluster.


          A Global Entitlement is created and each of the LOCAL pools are assigned along with an AD Group.


          When a member of the Global Entitlement group (or groups) logs in, they are presented with the Global Entitlement as if it were a pool.


          Users are being distributed to different clusters when they log in.



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