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    Windows 7 GOS Clock Running on ESXi 6.5 Lags Actual Time

    FxLogix Lurker

      Host: ESXi 6.5

      Guest: Windows 7

      Problem: Guest OS clock lags actual time

      Solution: Configure NTP Server on ESXi 6.5 with Windows Time Server


      (1) Copy Windows Time Server location from any Windows 7 computer:




      (2a) Past Windows Time Server location into EXSi 6.5 via Web Client Manager and start the ESXi 6.5 NTP Service:







      (3) Restart Windows 7 Guest Operating System.  Verify that ESXi Host Clock, Guest Operating System (Windows 7), desired time and time-zone all match each other:




      In this case, I manually set all virtual machine clocks.  Eventually, they would all fall several minutes behind the actual time on my independent local Windows 7 computer.  I did not want to use an outside conventional NTP Server and I wanted all my Windows 7 Guest Operating System Clocks running on ESXi 6.5 to have the same time as my Local Desktop Windows 7 computer.  Using the reference link location "time.windows.com" as the EXSi 6.5 NTP Server and turning on EXSi 6.5 NTP Service, solved this problem.


      Good luck.