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    vSphere says insufficient disk space to inflate a VMDK file

    zer0sig Lurker


      I have a VMWare host running a single VM that I provisioned thin at the time of build, and I want to inflate the disk. I'm not sure why, but it says there isn't space to thicken it. I deleted the one file I had uploaded, a 1.5GB ISO, and logging into the SSH on the host it shows a bit more space than vSphere reports. What gives? I am unclear as to why it would let me create a disk and then wouldn't let me thicken it, as it required the space to exist to create it. Logs appear to be pretty small.


      Any suggestions? I tried several thigns on Friday to no avail. Is there a way to cut a little off the end of the provisioned size (it is far smaller, taking probably 3TB out of the 14.549999 or so TB provisioned)? I couldn't see anything other than using vmware convert which is not practical, and this is a customer's on-prem device that I can't just log in and mess around with vSphere at a whim. I'd like to have a strategy for this. Anyone else have any experience with this?