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    Manage C:\ProgramData with DEM

    smartin05 Lurker

      I have an application that saves its configuration to C:\ProgramData\Folder\Folder\file.xml  This file is specific to the VM Workstation it needs to be applied to, but I do not see the option to include this within the DEM.  When I use the DEM Profiler, I start the session and make some of the configuration changes needed, but it does not populate the paths changed.  Has anyone captured or made changes within this folder using DEM/UEM?

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          dolzhenkom Novice

          Yes, we use UEM/DEM to manage application data like that.


          The key is getting the data to a location that DEM can reach. if it is a DirectFlex enabled app, you can configure User Environment Settings pre-export and pre-import tasks that copy app data between ProgramData and somewhere DEM can reach (like AppDataLocal). If it is not a DirectFlex-enabled app, you can accomplish the same thing with logon/logoff tasks.


          You then set that DEM-reachable path to be captured by DEM in the app's Import / Export settings tab. The user will also need access to both the ProgramData location and the DEM-reachable location, since the tasks run under the user's security context.

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            larstr Virtuoso


            As DEM is unable to reach config files that are in illegal places you can do as dolzhenkom suggests, but it's also possible to make a symlink from ProgramDataFolder\Folder to a folder in %APPDATA% so that DEM can manage it.