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    UEM/DEM printer mapping slow

    dolzhenkom Novice



      We have almost 500 printers that we map with DEM, typically based on conditions like endpoint IP address falling within a certain range. Although all printers are set to process asynchronously and we don't use too many conditions or anything too costly on time to evaluate, just evaluating conditions during logon to schedule/skip them for async processing takes 5 seconds or more. It used to take 12 seconds when we didn't have the DEM config files on the same vSAN datastore that the VDIs run off of, so that helped a lot, but it's still 5 seconds I'd like to shave off if possible.


      In our environment, the whole reason we set it to process printers asynchronously is that there's no issues with associates waiting a minute or two for their printers to appear after login. Based on that reasoning, I'm looking for a way to skip ALL printer tasks-- even just condition evaluation/async scheduling-- from occurring during the logon process. I know how to trigger a DEM printer refresh as a logon task to occur after the desktop is already loaded, but what I can't figure out is how to stop the initial printer task from delaying logon by 5 or more seconds.


      Any thoughts?