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    Upgrading from 6.7.0 Update 2 (Build 13006603) to latest version

    ManuelPR Lurker

      I have version 6.7.0 Update 2 (Build 13006603) that came pre-installed on a Dell server. It displays "You are running a DellEMC Customized version of VMware ESXi Image. Note that this is a static file and doesn’t get updated upon updates".


      This is my first time updating ...


      Can I update with an image/file from vmware or do I have to download the update via Dell?


      Is there more than way to update? From what I have read it looks like you can download the new ISO and boot from that to do the update, but with the UI I see an option to update. It asks for a VIB file but Im not sure which file to use. I found a file called update-from-esxi6.7-6.7_update03.zip on this page (https://my.vmware.com/group/vmware/patch#search) that does include a folder named vib20 with alot of subfolders containing VIB files. Can update from my version to the latest version with this file?