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    ssbit Lurker

      We currently are running persona management with windows 10(1809). We do have some hiccups at times but it gets the job done. We are currently roaming profiles and after a lot of testing and configuring we got it working. I do fear that persona management is on the way out and wont be able to work with with 1903 and later. I stumbled upon ProfileUnity by Liquidware and I was looking for feedback on them. From what i can gather from the site and a few videos they post it looks like it would be a better fit over persona management, but would love to hear if anyone is using them and is happy with the product. I have experimented with fslogix and it seems to work but i am not sure how it will handle new releases of windows 10.

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          dolzhenkom Novice

          If you're worried about FSLogix support for new Windows releases, keep in mind that Microsoft purchased them not long ago. They are also recommending it as the profile management solution for their Windows Virtual Desktops product in the cloud, and made it extremely easy to get without any additional cost so that it rapidly picks up in adoption. Considering those things, it's probably the safest product you can possibly go with for Windows 10 support.

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            Have you experimented with Dynamic Environment Manager? This is essentially VMware’s replacement for Persona Management and is pretty robust compared to it. This product was known as Immidio Flex before VMware bought it. It‘s scalable, low footprint (file share + GPO), and easy to use.

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              dolzhenkom Novice

              That's a good point-- I'll add that in our environment, we've used UEM for roaming small parts of a profile and Writable Volumes for large, per-user data (Outlook OST, Teams, OneDrive, Slack, etc.). Due to the general unreliability and performance cost of Writable Volumes, however, we've been testing UEM + FSLogix O365 containers instead-- and have been extremely pleased with the results. We're seeing 30 second login times and an excellent O365 experience, which was never the case before.