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    2 wifi adaptors using for networking and creating a virtual router

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      I have 2 wifi adaptors on my host machine. I am using Workstation 15.

      I want to use 1 USB wifi for VMware virtual machines and other onboard wifi adaptor for different purposes.

      I am not clear as how should I configure my networking in this scenario.

      I am attaching a couple of screenshots as to show what error I am getting.

      vm network.jpg


      Now virtual network preferences.

      virtual network editor 1.jpg

      I tried to change the bridged connection NAT I get error.

      can not change to nat.jpg


      I am not a VMware professional so I don't understand how to configure bridge in such a way that I use one Wifi (USB as adaptor for VMs)

      and other onboard wifi to be used for internet connectivity on host machines.