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    Different types of vGPU's in One Cluster  ?

    Douglas42Adams Novice

      Hi ,


      We have been using vGPU's in Win 7 for a long time.. K2's.. M60's.. P4's.  they have been working great. ( K2's have now been deprecated sounds like . )


      We now are using Instant Clones / UEM / App Stacks / Windows 10 .

      We Were using Persistent Desktops ( ie Unidesk ) - OOh how i MISS THEE.


      My question is :


      Is it supported putting Multiple ESXi hosts in the Same CLuster.. With Different vGPU Cards . ( specifically P4 and M60's ) .




      Cluster 1 -


      5 Esxi hosts.. ( 6.7 u3 )


      2 hosts have P4's .

      2 hosts have M60's .

      1 just a normal user host .


      This worked Well w/ Persistent Machines ( having them all in the same cluster )  . As you just lock down the desktop to the ESXi host that has the card the user needs .


      Instant Clones create a slightly different set of issues.  As they recreate themselves every login .


      Is the preferred method to :

      - Create a new Cluster for every Card type basically ?..

      So a P4 Cluster.. a M60 cluster.. and only put servers w/ those cards in there ?

      This should allow easy vmotions between servers w/ the Same exact cards ?


      im getting the impression this would create the least amount of headaches .


      Anyone had this issue ?.. Just curious what others are doing .