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    higher level workflow approach to non presistent desktops?

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      we are trying to solve a workflow issue.


      We are using two pools,  one for persistent users and another for users to be able to log into a desktop to run load calculations that typically run 24 hours.  Once the user is finished, the VM is no longer needed.


      The workflow question we are trying to solve is : how do we handle desktop software the requires an activation key/registration without involving IT tech support?  We obviously dont want to give the keys to users. We have users that log in the middle of the night, and cant invoke IT support.


      trying to see how this can be solved?

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          mchadwick19 Hot Shot

          This sounds like it's the application's license model that, tbh, kind of sucks. Does the application vendor offer a concurrency based model that the licenses are pulled at run-time rather than requiring user intervention?


          Is this a single key/code that needs to be entered, or is it unique to each user? If it's a single key, is there a way you could pre-load this in the image by either A) Embedding it in the software itself (Machine-based), or B) Adding it to the default profile (if it's user-based). If it's unique per-user could you use a product like UEM, FSlogix, Persona, or something to handle tracking the license entry so the user only has to enter the key once?