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    Unable to log in View Administrator flash page, but able to log in via HTML5

    AttilaHerr Lurker

      Hi All!


      We have got two Connection servers (version 7.10), when we try to log into the View Administrator (flash) page via the first Connection Server (in the URL, we entered the FQDN of the first connection server) we got authentication failed error, but we can successfully log in via View Administrator HTML5 page with the same user. We try this via the second Connection Server we are able to sign in on both page (flash and HTML5).


      In the log:

      "[LoginBean] User xxx has failed to authenticate to View Administrator

      2019-10-16T16:12:46.569+02:00 DEBUG (0A60-03A4) <ajp-nio-8009-exec-3> [EventLogger] Error_Event:[ADMIN_LOGIN_FAIL] "User login attempt has failed to authenticate to View Administrator with username and password": UserName=xxx"


      Has anyone experienced same problem?