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    NVDS throughput limitation

    azizse Lurker


      I there any limitation on NVDS  regarding the throughput.I am using a 10G interface while i am testing troughput on overlay i noticed that the throughput never ecxeeds 5.xGbps.

      Vmware tools is installed on the VMs and VMXnet3 is the network card type.

      Many thanks

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          Sreec Master
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          Well actual throughput depends upon on various factors like - Server model (Blade/Rack), MTU (End-End)  and type of network topology involved in the test(L2/L3) and  few vSphere&NSX performance best practices will also let you give maximum throughput Have you ever tested throughput without Genev tunnels ? If you are getting something very limited with that test, you should solve that first and then flip to overlay based testing.

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            azizse Lurker

            Hey Screen !

            Thank you for your reply.I have done same test using a VDS (without Geneve tunnel ) and i got 9.x Gbps so the issue is not the physical network and i could reach 9 Gbps with multiple flow.