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    Deploying ThinApp in a VMWare View Environment

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      In the documentation :https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-ThinApp/5.2/com.vmware.thinapp.user.doc/GUID-A4029312-5D45-4B31-922E-21137FE979F6.html

      Deploying ThinApp in the VMware View Environment

      I do not understand the reason or what needs to be in the "the login script" :


      1. Create a login script to register the Windows network share that hosts your MSI packages as an application repository in View Administrator.Login scripts are useful for nonpersistent desktops. See VMware View Administration Guide.

      When in view administrator, I would assign the thinapp that was created to a pool.  Why does there need to be a login script to "register" the share.  What does that mean? Create a network mount?