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    Why is vmrest in Player 15 so slow ?

    haoz Lurker

      Not sure if the paid Workstation is better, but the Player's vmrest.exe is so damn slow ! VIX is out so I'm replacing my automation scripts using the REST API. But it takes a few seconds for vmrest to respond every the HTTP requests within localhost !! Anyone has the same issue ? What is it doing under the hood that takes so much time ? Any way to speed it up ?


      Thanks !


      - haoz

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          batibix Novice

          It's the same problem with VMWare Workstation Pro. API calls are appallingly slow. They take a full 3 seconds to execute, which is not even remotely close to acceptable.


          To put this in perspective, this response delay would have been acceptable if the server were located on the moon (Earth–Moon–Earth communication - Wikipedia), but this is talking to localhost.



          Sending vmrest 8 requests (on a dual core CPU), Windows taskmanager shows a high CPU load for vmrest.exe, so there's some very inefficient code running here. I never had this performance problem with VixCOM.